About Shizuka

Shizuka by Tina

Studied at the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology Ltd. Freelanced at prominent salon, Nalini and Yasmin. Became beauty trainer for the popular beauty brand, Avon. 28 years experience in the field of beauty and skincare. India’s first trained Lancôme therapist

In a world that’s more occupied with communication, networking, striking deals, beating deadlines and being competitive, a getaway like Shizuka is essential skin and mind-pampering.

Shizuka, which means Serenity in Japanese, is a place that provides you with the scope to unwind and experience sheer bliss.

Be it a relaxing massage or a simple grooming ordeal, enjoy a soulful conversation over a cup of tea.

Ask clients to describe the “skin must-haves” on the Shizuka menu and words like ‘plum’, ‘baby-soft’, ‘rejuvenating’, and ‘float-away’ seem to come out on top.

Skin and fashion trends come and go with the seasons, but Shizuka will always stand as a beacon for skin-conscious souls.

Training at Shizuka

The staff at Shizuka has been personally trained by Tina Grewal and they have been imbibed with skills such as quality delivery of the services, time management and efficiency. The staff at Shizuka makes sure that their customers leave completely satisfied.

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