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Best Upside Down Eyeliner Trends In 2018

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Best Upside Down Eyeliner Trends In 2018

Best Upside Down Eyeliner Trends In 2018


Shizuka’s Guide To Upside Down Eyeliner Trends In 2018

upside down eyeliner trends in 2018

Why The Upside Down Eyeliner Trends In 2018

We all love hoping in the bandwagon and following a particular tendency of style statement or any beauty trend. The previous year was noticeable for the beauty industry as it marked a variable range of style and beauty trends followed by not only celebrities and makeup artists but also commoners who found it simple to use and added a distinct touch to their look. Lets talk about the best Upside Down Eyeliner Trends in 2018.

The year started with nude palettes and slowly moving towards monochromatic makeup and later heading towards #nomakeup movement. As we step into this year there are various trends that have already started off, and people are going halter shelter for eye make up trends. Various make up artists are experimenting with different colours and different ranges of shades like neon or fluorescent.

Make up artists are not only experimenting with various eye colour shadows but also with different brow hair shades, mascara shades and out of the box lens colour. One such beauty trend that has not yet faded is the upside-down eyeliner. Many celebrities such as Margot Robbie, Janelle Monae, Yara Shahidi, and Jill Scott rock their personalised look with a stroke of the upside-down liner. It is an easy procedure and can be astounded with simple equipment.


What Is The Upside Down Eyeliner Trend?

The upside-down liner has been popular trend last year during the Hollywood red-carpet events apart from the red-carpet events they were popular among talk shows like the, ‘The Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and a ‘Marie Claire’ event. It is an easy job which is perfect for any occasion or dress code.

The trick is simple, you just need to swipe any vibrant shade on your lower lid and head-on.

Prep up your brow neat and clean using either primer or concelear. Blend it across the top of lid where it meets your brow with a bone coloured shadow.

Add a characterization to your top lid with a darker neutral shade. Without going far down, use a black or a neutral shade eyeliner inside your bottom eye and under the eye and let it flip upwards from the outer corner.

Use an eyeliner of a lighter shade, even out and soften the lower line. If you want thick and dramatic looks, alter your eyeliner accordingly. Using an eyeliner of a lighter shade even the shade out and bluff out the edges.

Apply mascara to match your magnificent lash line. A good rule of thumb is not to drop the liner any lower than the bottom lash that touches your face. If you are a person of close attention to detail, you can create beautiful brows with a pencil or can fake a brow.

The liner looks elegant only when your brows are fully covered and does not leave a single spot of the corner empty. It is important to conceal the tiniest part of the brow part along your hairline, brow line and arches giving you a precise and striking look.

Collaborate With Your Outfit!

If you wish to highlight your eyes for a more stunning and bold look, choose the right liner that collaborates with your outfit. If you have small eyes which are always a problem, you can make it look bigger with adding a stroke on the lower lid. In case you still don’t seem to be impressed, choose a shade that is lighter than your eye colour.

The key to pulling off the trend is simple, maintain a synchronization between the pop of colour and the rest of your make up mostly the blush and the also keeping in mind the eye-shadow formulations is also essential. If you don’t like it plain you can also apply the liner as a cat eye. In order to get a pointy eye stroke, you can use a thin, long, pointy brush. These are the best styles for the upside down eyeliner trends in 2018.

The process remains the same, instead of giving it a bluff you’ll need to extend the line out from the outer corner to create a simple angle and shape it in the form of a wing. Fill the liner and you can use cotton bud to thin out where necessary. It is important that you meticulously blend your eye liner as softening the harshness will give it a changed feel. It will also soften the brighter blue to merge it with your make up.


Best Shades For Upside Down Eyeliner

upside down eyeliner trends

The shades that generally blend along with you eye colour are Midnight Ombre and Turquoise. If you want to ditch the pop colours you can try the basic black or pastels like blue or white. If you love to experiment you can go with shades like gold or copper.

Neon shades are currently trending, you can swipe a stroke across your eye for a special evening. You can also swipe some smoky upside-down liner to give your eyes the attention. Matte shades of blue or red also pop your eye colour giving it a royal look. These shades are the best shades for the upside down eyeliner trends in 2018.

You can also tweak up your lip colour along with the eye make up for a stunning look. Many celebrities match the shade with their skin tone or shades of nudes to give it a natural look.


All-in-all, the Upside Down Eyeliner Is Awesome!

upside down eyeliner trends in 2018

The liner can be matched with long dresses, jumpsuits, palazzo to give them a matching look. They compliment the best with off shoulder or cold shoulder tops. It looks splendid if your couple it with patterns or abstract shapes.

The liner blends out the patterns and gives your face a sharp and dramatic look. In case you want to quirk your look a bit, you can tie a high pony or a middle partition which shall not steal the look from your eyes. You can wear it down on a plain ‘kurti’ to suit it up with a traditional look.

If you want to wear it to work, you can just swipe a stroke using basic colours like black or a nude shade to give it a formal yet classy look. You can pair it with formal pants or suits to give it a sassy look. It goes well if you pair it up with stripes, both on tops or pants.


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