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Best Travel Skin Care Tips

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Best Travel Skin Care Tips

Best Travel Skin Care Tips

Travel Skin Care Tips

Travel! We all become super excited when a vacation or a travel plan comes up. Whether it’s weekend getaway, destination weddings or jetting halfway around the globe, lets admit that travelling is stressful. What all to pack? How to pack? What all needs to be purchased? And many more questions.

At home all pleasures at our hand. We have all our bottles of skin care to hair spray, make up, brushes and everything else in place. We have different products for mornings and nights.

We are well-aware of the climate and how are skin reacts to it. When we are a little free or feel that that our skin needs that extra care today it’s simply easy to do that. Basically everything is in control because you are at home.

Best Travel Skin Care Tips

But to your great disappointment this is not the case while travelling. Taking care of your skin while traveling is extremely important. You don’t wish to suddenly have oily skin because of the change in your routines and improper diet. Travelling can ruin your skin adversely especially when you are hopping between different places having adverse temperature differences.

So we bring to you some easy tips and tricks to keep your skin brightened up while travelling. Here we go:

    • Scrub And Hydrate The Night Before

      You might assume that a scrub might be too harsh for your skin before your travel but it’s a perfect way to remove all the dirt and have a clean skin. Use a scrub that suits your skin type and gently massage your skin to remove dead skin cells and impurities.
      Please use lukewarm water to wash it off. And if you have a little more time to spare, use a hydrating mask. It will help you nourish and hydrate your skin. This is highly recommended for people with dry skin and for ones with sensitive skin use products with are gentle and not much fragrant.


    • Moisturize, Moisturize, moisturize

      This is something which can by no means be ignored. It is very essential to keep your skin moisturized throughout your trip because in a plane our skin fights against desert like dryness.
      Plus, if you are travelling to a cold destination, dry skin is imminent and hence, applying a moisturizer becomes important. Apply a bit extra on your cupid’s as lips dry really quick. Benefits of a moisturizer can never be over emphasized. Your skin can look refreshed and brightened up in a brisk!


    • Carry A Beauty Kit

      Well obviously you cannot have all your make up with you while you are travelling around during your trip. Your will be travelling around for almost the whole day and this might be in a cold or a sun exposed weather.
      Nevertheless, that one dose of moisturizer, sunscreen or make up is not enough for whole day.
      And this is when your beauty kit becomes a savior. Your make up kit can include a moisturizer/sunscreen, a lip balm, a mist and some face wipes.
      Make sure that you have all of these in mini size as it should be easy for you go around with all this in your handbag.

      Travel Skin Care Tips


    • Use Minimum Makeup

      We truly understand that desire of looking bombshell during your trip but too much of make up while travelling can damage your skin. We would suggest you to keep it to minimum.
      You can use a lipstick (nudes and pinks are perfect during travel), eye liner and concealer around your under eye that’s all.
      Try to avoid all the base make up like foundations, highlighters as they deprive your skin from breathing. Hence, having loads of these can invite tons of skin problems.


    • Sunscreen

      This is a must! Not only when you are going to be exposed to sun but also in cold climates as well. There is a big myth that sunscreen should be used only when you are planning to be under the sun.
      Because of the rise in temperatures in general the UV rays that reach us are harmful than never before. You can use a sunscreen with a lower SPF in cold but it can’t be ignored all together. Make sure the SPF is 25 or higher. It keeps your skin protected and fresh. So do not skip this!


    • Know Your List

      Every skin, hair, make up products or accessories that you use servers some purpose in your daily routine. All the regimes that one follows have some specific reason.
      There are some products that you cannot do without and they are very essential for your skin. Making a list of your essentials becomes extremely important as you cannot carry everything that you use everyday. Search for 3-in-1, carry small packages and avoid liquid items.

      skin care problems


    • Avoid Touching Your Face

      This is one biggest mistake one makes. Particularly on planes or in public spaces, we come in contact with a lot of germs and dust, so whenever we touch our face, we’re transmitting those germs onto the skin, and inviting acne.
      If you must touch your face, use a tissue or oil blotter as a shield between your hands and your skin.


  • Don’t Forget To Take Care Of Your Skin

    In all the excitement of travelling we usually forget about our skin. It might be difficult to take care of your skin because of all the hustle going round but it is extremely important because you definitely don’t wish to come back with a oily or acne prone skin. We hope that you remember these tips while travelling the next time and come back with a fresh and clean skin. And if you have any more tips do let us know in the comments section below.

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