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How To Do A Manicure At Home

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How To Do A Manicure At Home

How To Do A Manicure At Home

Beauty is not restricted only to your face. Your hands are also considered as important aspects of overall beauty and keeping them well- groomed is important in order to be considered “looking beautiful”. So, lets talk about How To Do A Manicure At Home.
Nail-care is so important, and yet, so underrated. Well-groomed nails speak of one’s personality and tastes and are therefore a requirement in a lot of corporate and fashion jobs.
You might find a DIY, at-home manicure overwhelming due to the constant fear that you might nick your finger, or due to a past of messed up manicures. This easy step-by- step tutorial will ensure you get a salon-quality manicure sitting right in your home. The
best part – it is extremely affordable.

1)Gather the necessary tools

Here’s what you require to do a basic manicure:
• Nail polish remover
• Cotton swabs
• Nail clippers
• Nail filer
• Cuticle cream
• Cuticle pusher
• Cuticle trimmer
• Moisturizer
• Transparent nail paint (optional)
• Small tub / big bowl
• Warm water
• Rock salt / bath salt as preferred
• Scrub
• Nail polish

2)Remove your old nail polish

Using a nail polish remover and cotton balls or swab, remove any old polish from your nails.

3)Cut and file your nails

Next, using a nail clipper, cut your nails. You can also give them your preferred shape by filing them with a nail file. Your nails will now look neater and more presentable.

4)Scrub and Soak

This is the most important part of the process. Fill lukewarm water in a small tub and add a few drops of shampoo or liquid soap in it. Soak your hands in the tub for 5-7 minutes. Then, take a small scrub and scrub your hands and nails. This’ll clear the dirt, dead skin and dust from your hands, nails and cuticles. Pat your hands dry.

5)Clean and Trim Cuticles

Beautician cleaning cuticles hands with cosmetic stick. Beauty spa salon

Apply a cuticle cream on your nails and leave it on for a few seconds. Then, with a cuticle pusher, push your cuticles down. Now, take your cuticle trimmer and carefully cut your cuticles. Be very careful while doing this as you can easily cut yourself. A delicate hand and some practice will get you used to doing this step.

6) Moisturize

After this step, soak your hands once again in the tub and pat dry. Now, take some rich cream or silky oil and massage it well onto your cuticles and all over your hands. Moisturizing helps to rehydrate and replenish skin. There is one more important step to How To Do A Manicure At Home. Here it is:

7) Go crazy with the polish

This is an optional step depending on whether you want to apply nail polish or not. However, a clear polish is recommended as it will give your nails a nice, refined look. In order to apply polish, it is important to make sure that all moisturizer is gone from your nails first. Next, apply a base coat with a transparent nail polish, nail hardener or ridge filler. After this dries, apply nail polish in a colour of your choice on your nails. Allow it to dry for a few seconds, and then apply another coat. To add to the luster and
shine, add a top coat.
For French tips, follow these steps:

• Apply a transparent base coat on your nails and let it dry for some time.
• Apply a white nail polish on the tips of your nails.
• Allow it to dry for a couple of minutes.
• Now it’s time for the second coat. The second coat will make the white color appear less splotchy and more attractive.
• Let the white coat dry for some time.
• Then, apply a single coat of clear nail polish on your nails. Try to keep your stroke as smooth and even as possible. And voila! Your nails are as fresh as dew.

And that’s it! You now have two beautiful hands and some money in your purse! Giving yourself a DIY manicure is also a great way to pamper yourself and have some ‘you-time’ on a quiet, Sunday afternoon. We hope you liked our guide to How To Do A Manicure At Home!
If you have some cool manicure tips, please share them below and help other beautiful ladies like yourself look good and feel good!

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