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6 Things To Do After A Haircut | Post Haircut Tips

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6 Things To Do After A Haircut | Post Haircut Tips

6 Things To Do After A Haircut | Post Haircut Tips

Who isn’t excited when they go for a haircut? Well, except babies…

Haircuts are a great way to rid yourself of split-ends and damaged hair and reduce your hair fall rate. Haircuts are also great to boost your self-confidence and hair growth! So here are some amazing post haircut tips.

Sit back and recall, the feeling of getting a haircut done from a professional salon. Someone gently shampooing and conditioning your hair, drying and combing through it, giving you a cut you love or is in vogue, blow drying your hair to complete the look and then giving you some styling tips. You look at yourself in the mirror – ecstatic at what you see. It’s a whole other person! You look different, you feel different and you know, you’re day is made: nothing will go wrong today. You could also combine it with some awesome <backlink: Benefits of Massage>massage therapy</backlink> for the best relaxing time ever!

Let’s look at how we can ensure this feeling stays with us for a longer time to make ‘good hair days’ become just ‘days’.

Here are 6 things to do after a haircut along with some post haircut tips for long lasting awesomeness:

  1. Set them free

    Your first instinct may be to tie up those locks to prevent damage from pollution. But, why? After a haircut, your hair is set in a certain style. If you tie your hair, you’ll lose the setting and bring unwanted waves into your hair! So, avoid tying your tresses into a pony, bun or braid and let them flow free for a while.

  2. Switch up your products

    The length of your hair dictates the hair routine you follow, the products you use and the frequency in which you use them. Long hair requires more products, everything from anti-frizz to gels and creams, while short hair requires products that concentrate more on the root of the hair, instead of the body so the hair doesn’t shrink up and appear smaller. Consult your hair dresser and change your products for a better suited routine to your new hair. Every texture, length, shape, etc. may require a different type of product, so choose your products well and be sure not to overdo it.

  3. Use a brush

    Use a brush instead of a wide toothed comb (or your fingers!) to detangle or set your hair. A brush will detangle your hair easily without spoiling the look. It will also help you easily achieve the desired hair style you want. So, avoid the temptation of running your fingers through your hair and ruining your ‘do.

  4. Figure out the best frame

    We all know the importance of hair in determining your overall appearance. A new haircut could change the way you look and appear on a day-to-day basis. Certain cuts aim to make your face appear longer, certain make your face look rounder while tend to highlight your neck. Needless to say, not every cut suits everybody.
    Once you have settled for a cut that highlights your positives, play around with different styling that will frame your face best. Try out different styles to see what suits you the best. Your hairstylist can you give you the best advice on this matter. This is one of the most important post haircut tips.

  5. Take care of your hair

    When your hair start growing out, it may lose its luster and become dull again… unless you take proper care. Think of your hair as your baby, wouldn’t you want to give it the best? Take good care of it? Pamper it? Only then will you achieve well nourished, healthy looking hair. Use good products, routinely apply oil, and condition your hair after every wash.
    Also, go for a trim regularly. If you have gone from long hair to short hair, you may have to change the combs and brushes that you used for your longer hair as they may not work on your shorter hair. All of these steps will help avoid damage, split ends and other dangers as well as ensure proper hair growth.

  6. Work to reduce damage

    After your hair begin to grow out, it is necessary to take care of them to minimize any damage caused to them. Things like tying a braid before going to bed, tying up your hair or using a scarf or a hat when you step outside really help in reducing hair fall and avoiding split-ends.
    Haircuts are great for changing looks but not the answer to getting rid of hair damage. Following good hygiene practices for your hair will ensure good, healthy hair forever. Did you enjoy these tips of what to do after a haircut? If you have more, comment them below!

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