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12 Best Oils for massage during Winter

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12 Best Oils for massage during Winter

12 Best Oils for massage during Winter

During winter your skin tends to look really dull and dry as the windblown from reverse snatches away moisture from your skin and leave it dry and unattractive. This is the time when you should use the moisturizer in order to replenish the moisture back on your skin.  While moisturizing daily with lotions and creams may help, sometimes you need something more. Body oils are not only great for massages but also for moisturizing, soothing, tightening, and even reducing stretch marks. Oils have essential fatty acids to nourish your skin and give it a protective barrier.

We have listed the 12 Best Oils For Massage During Winter

Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet Almond Oil
Sweet almond oil is one the most popular oil used popularly around the world. Sweet almond oil is extracted from almonds and is pale yellow in colour. Sweet almond oil gets into skin easily and penetrates deeply. The oil is extremely light in texture, which glides easily and moisturizes the skin well. This is 100% allergy free oil, however if you are allergic to nut it is advised not to use sweet almond oil.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is next popular oil in the list. This is extremely non-greasy, light in texture and oil with a sweet aroma. Coconut oil is extremely beneficial over skin as it avoids from any fungal or bacterial infections. Melrose makes an organic and unrefined coconut oil; this pure unrefined coconut retains all the aroma of coconut. A solid at temperatures below 20C, warmed it is a clear high glide oil with great stability.

Argan Oil

Argan Oil
Argan oil is one of the effective moisturizing winter care oil available at home or market. The oil is simply extracted from the kernels of fruit grown in Moroccan Argan trees. You can also get Omega 3 fatty acids as well as vitamin E that will help your skin stay fresh and healthy. Even if you have dry and unhealthy hair, Argan oil applied over your scalp will make you feel better. Even your skin will be effectively glowing and healthy with the application of Argan oil. This is one of the Best Oils For Massage During Winter.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba Oil
Jojoba oil is not a wax but is an essential oil. Jojoba oil has gained a worldwide acceptance due to its benefits over skin. It is said that jojoba oil has similar properties to that of a moisturizing cream, which is extremely beneficial over dry skin. This is extremely non-irritable oil which can be used over skin. Using Jojoba oil is a special recommendation for people with dry skin.

Olive oil

Olive Oil
How can olive oil miss the list? Olive oil is also said to be the mother of all oil, which helps to give you a healthy and smooth skin. The oil is little heavy in texture, which can be mixed with some lighter oil and used while massaging. Olive oil helps to control the oil over face and also provide relaxation. Olive oil can be used on all type of skin and is a special recommendation for people with oily skin.

Apricot oil

Apricot Oil
Apricot oil is extremely beneficial for oil massage. The oil is full of vitamin E helps to soothe the inflammations over skin and also leads to improvement in the texture. Massaging with apricot oil is extremely beneficial as it also provides relaxation and soothing to the skin. This is recommended for people with sensitive skin. This is one of the Best Oils For Massage During Winter.

Lavender oil

Lavender Oil
Lavender oil is another effective way of treating various skin conditions during the winter. Your skin can get irritated when you have dryness over your skin layer for the longer period of time.  This is really effective in treating sebum production on your skin layer. This is natural antiseptic oil which will also make your skin free from irritation. You can get a boost over your skin with regards to the skin production. This will also absorb active ingredients in the skin and make your skin feel healthier for a longer period of time. Thus, you need to use lavender oil in winter.

Tea Tree oil

Tea Tree Oil
One of the effective skin moisturizer found in nature is tea tree oil which will treat if you have acne prone skin and other skin related problems. This is natural oil which helps kill bacteria that is present hair follicles and pores of skin. If you have been using variety of creams and cosmetics but did not find relief from improper skin conditions during winter, tea tree oil will help you to stay intact for a longer period of time.

Avocado oil

Avocado Oil
During winter, there might be tendency among most of the individuals to suffer from problems like dry, irritated and sensitive skin. You must use avocado oil as it is rich in Omega 3 fatty acid and vitamin E as its ingredients. Since the important and effective ingredients present in it helps in decreasing inflammation and in build proper cell function, you will stay healthy and stay away from dry skin during winter. This is one of the Best Oils For Massage During Winter.

Flaxseed oil

Flaxseed Oil
This natural moisturizing oil is filled with omega 6 fatty acid and Omega 3 fatty acid which makes your heart healthy and provide amiable complexion. You can also cook food with this oil and stay healthy during winter. In order to keep your skin glowing and moisturized during winter all you have to do is mix this flaxseed oil in moisturizing lotion that you have been using for all seasons.

Apply it over your skin and stay away from irritated skin, eczema, sensitive skin, dermatitis as well as eczema. This oil is having an effective anti-inflammatory property that can easily improve variety of your skin conditions. This is one of the Best Oils For Massage During Winter.

Rose Hip Seed oil

Rose Hip Seed Oil
During winter different individual suffers from different types of skin problems. Some people suffer from the problems like fine lines, scars, acne as well as uneven skin. Rose hip seed oil works really well in treating such skin conditions. This is the plant available in South America, which has very wonderful benefits over the skin with vitamin A and vitamin C. The oil helps in increasing the cell turnover and removes skin discoloration, scars as well as dark spots.

Mustard oil

Mustard Oil
Mustard oil is like the olive of India, and apart from cooking it also works as a great beauty oil as well. For centuries, Indians have used mustard oil for massaging their bodies before taking a bath. The moisturizing properties of the oil nourish the skin making it soft and glowing. it can also be used as a great moisturizing oil for the skin. This is one of the Best Oils For Massage During Winter.



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